Where to Start

We’re here to make the transition from your home to ours as easy as possible.

Sometimes, it’s the little things

Our staff take time to listen and respect the needs of every resident, on every aspect that touches their physical, emotional and spiritual lives, from dining and sleeping to exercising and socialising. Our residents are treated with dignity and encouraged to arrange their life with us in a way that makes them happy.

Making the move

Before people have experienced nursing home life like ours, they may feel anxious and apprehensive. These conversations can be hard and we’re here to support that process. We’ll provide all the details you need and time to prepare for this important transition. Our staff are always happy to talk with you and your loved one on any questions you may have, before, during and after the move.

Prepare the way

What does your family member love to do best? What habits do they have, what are their pet likes and dislikes? It could be a passion for watching rugby or a taste for Sunday roasts. Sharing those particulars can help us find the home that will suit them and you best. And it helps us work out how best to incorporate them into their new everyday life.

Understanding costs

The financial impact of choosing nursing home care is a critical part of your decision. Our team will help guide you through the process of getting financial support through the Fair Deal. It involves an assessment of your physical needs and available financial resources, so that you will only pay what you can afford. Rest assured, no matter what level of payment you’re on, the level of care remains the same.

Looking at the Cost

How do I pay for a nursing home?

Fair Deal Information

What is the Fair Deal Scheme?
How do I apply for the Fair Deal Scheme?
Where can I get more information on the Fair Deal Scheme?
Can I go into a home before my funding comes through?

Paying Privately

Can I claim tax relief if I am paying privately?
Who can claim the tax relief?