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St Gladys’ Nursing Home

Situated in one of Dublin’s most sought-after neighbourhoods, Harold’s Cross, St Glady’s Nursing Home offers a caring, relaxed atmosphere within a vibrant local community.

Just minutes from Dublin city centre in the Mount Argus Parish, St Gladys’ is a haven of peaceful enjoyment where residents are treated with respect and warmth. Nearby shops, cafés and lovely parks foster a village feel that residents, relatives and friends appreciate.

Ensuring privacy and dignity

St Gladys’ offers both single and sharing accommodations, with discretion and respect. Shared rooms offer company, while dividing curtains ensure privacy when needed.

All our residents are encouraged to make themselves at home and personal touches are welcomed. Every room has a call bell system for safety and convenience.

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June Annesley

Director of Nursing

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St. Glady's Nursing Home

Active care for every individual

Our home is run in accordance with national, evidence-based policies, procedures and standards. Making sure our residents feel comfortable, safe and happy is our fundamental goal. Every resident enjoys the security of round-the-clock care and assistance with personal healthcare and hygiene.

Creating a dynamic, positive environment where residents can join in a range of activities has shown great results in every area of health and wellbeing, from mobility and physical condition to social engagement. Our residents have the freedom to choose their level of participation and have an active say in the kinds of activities on offer.

Living on their terms

When residents first come to live in St Gladys’, we take the time to get to know them. Everything helps to create a picture – from their favourite food to the football team they support. Most of all, we love to learn what interests our residents, because this helps our Activity Coordinator tailor a program that caters to all our residents.

Residents with dementia are treated with respect and inclusion and our team is highly trained to help those residents participate safely and enjoyably.

In addition to the range of programmed activities, which include excursions to nearby places of interest, St Gladys’ also accommodates a wonderful variety of ad-hoc interests, too, giving residents the freedom to live life at their own pace.

Creating the right care plan

Creating a care plan starts with our resident. Our team works to understand their needs and to deliver their care in a way that respects their dignity, privacy and personal values. Providing person-centred care means learning as much as we can about our resident, and we invite relatives and friends to share in the development of the plan, to make sure it’s the right fit.

Plans are reviewed with the consent of our resident, and adapted to suit changing needs. We welcome questions and conversations about your loved one’s plan, to make sure it keeps offering a safe, healthy approach for them.

Pastoral Care

Our residents’ spiritual needs are as important to us as their physical and social requirements. St Gladys’ enjoys the regular visits of ministers, and residents are welcome to request their own arrangements. We also host weekly Mass and Eucharist services.

Located in a vibrant community

Harold’s Cross is situated minutes from Dublin City, but retains a charming village feel. The neighbourhood is well known for its great food, boutique shopping and peaceful parks, and residents enjoying a warm welcome from locals.