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Nephin Nursing Home is a place where residents come first. Where scrupulously high standards of nursing care are combined with common sense and compassion. Where relationships matter and days are filled with purpose. At Nephin Nursing Home, we want to make your family member feel at home.

Making life easy again

When people reach a stage where nursing care is needed, it’s often because life at home has become increasingly challenging. Our home is designed to help alleviate obstacles to a happy, relaxed life for residents. We have invested in a purpose-built establishment that’s easy to navigate, welcoming to visit and offers plenty of room for activities to suit a range of interests.

Bright and spacious

Sunlight and space are two qualities in abundance at Nephin Nursing Home. The large, airy dining room opens directly onto a beautiful and secure garden, encouraging residents to enjoy time outdoors.

Features include

• Lifts for easy access to every part of the home
• Oratory
• Hair salon
• Activity and treatment rooms
• Visitor’s lounge
• Laundry facilities
• Dining room
• Beautiful garden for secure outdoor enjoyment

Anitha Achuthan

Director of Nursing - Nephin

Anitha has over 10 years’ experience in the care of the elderly, including a previous position as Director of Nursing at Churchview for a number of years. Her experience is complemented by her BSc in Nursing and BSc Certificate in Nursing and Supervisory Management.

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Nephin Nursing Home

Our commitment to care

Our staff are dedicated to caring for our residents, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We use the very best evidence-based practice to ensure we offer the highest quality nursing care, as well as a vibrant atmosphere that encourages an active, fulfilling daily life.

The provision of care is based on making sure our nursing and healthcare assistants are properly supported to give the kind of personal care our residents need.

We invest in regular training, procedures and standards across hygiene, mobility, nutrition and recreation so that our residents’ needs are met and they feel safe, secure and well looked after.



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Active interests

At Nephin Nursing Home, we want our residents to live each day to the full. Our staff encourage them to continue to enjoy their own interests and hobbies. Art, craft, exercise, music and games – we offer a wide range of activities to cater to regular pastimes, or take up fresh pursuits.

Our dedicated Activity Coordinator works closely with our Director of Nursing to understand individual residents’ likes and dislikes, as well as their particular medical and personal requirements, with specific support for residents with dementia. We tailor fulfilling programs that give our residents plenty of reasons to look forward to every day.

Our timetabled programs are supplemented by plenty of impromptu activities, so there’s always something residents can join in with, if they wish.

Putting our residents first

Our philosophy is simple – our residents are at the centre of everything we do. We observe person-centred care, which means our staff and healthcare providers work together as a team with our residents to develop a care plan that really understands their situation.

We welcome input from family and friends, and every plan is subject to regular three-monthly reviews, or more frequently if required, to make sure every resident is getting the care and treatment they need.

A Typical Day in Nephin Nursing Home

I get up around 9 am and prefer to do my own routine in the morning. Our staff know me well and they check in on me in between. When I am ready, they accompany me to the dining room for my breakfast where I meet my friends. There is always nice music on in the background and newspapers are available for those of us who like to read.

After my breakfast I go to my room and spend some time doing my prayers. I relax for a while before heading down to meet my friends in the activities room. The room is really big and airy and has plenty of space. I enjoy catching up with my friends there and having a chat.

My favourite activity is bingo. It’s always a bit of craic and there are some great prizes that I love to win. I keep them for my grandchildren and surprise them when they come to visit.

Some days we sit in the activities room and talk about planning outings and what we would like to do. Last year we went to the Botanic gardens and Dublin Zoo, which was great fun. I also love the Summer Parties, which my grandchildren come to, and there’s lovely BBQ food and music, and there’s also raffle prizes on the day. It’s a great way for us all to come together.

After the activities, we go to the dining room and enjoy the lunch. I have the choice of having lunch served in my room, but I prefer to go to the dining area; you usually hear the latest gossip around the table!!

I receive a calendar of events and I can plan my own activities. There are days where I like to just stay in my room and take it easy, other days then, I’m out and about. It depends on my mood really.

I like that there’s a TV in my room, for the days that I choose not to go out, and the staff pop in regularly to check how I am and have a little chat.

- Current resident at Nephin Nursing Home

Pastoral Care

Finding comfort and support in spiritual community is important to many of our residents. We make sure that every resident has access in a way they choose. We regularly host ministers of religion from a range of faiths in our home, and Mass is also celebrated every week, together with a Eucharist service.

How to find us

Nephin Nursing Home is conveniently located close to shops and nearby Phoenix Park. We’re within short distance of popular bus routes, making it easy to visit. We’re also close to the Luas at Bloombridge.