Daily Life

Food & Nutrition

At Grace Healthcare we recognise that good quality nutritious food is crucial to maintaining the health and wellbeing of our residents.

On admission each resident is assessed to identify their individual dietary requirements. Any special dietary requirements will be referred to our dietician for review. (Specialist dietary requirements will be catered for and a referral to a Dietician is completed as clinically required or requested.)

Our policy is to make sure every meal is nutritionally balanced and made from the finest and freshest local ingredients.

Our teams of experienced chefs ensure every meal is not only delicious but reflects each individual’s likes, dislikes and dietary needs.

Our chefs also help cover all our special events such as birthdays with fresh cake.

Alongside home-made nutritious meals, a range of snacks are available each day for the residents in our care.

Grace Healthcare operates a rotational menu that reflects the seasons. Our Menus are reviewed by a dietician twice a year and our skilled chefs aim to produce meals that are of the highest standard and continually seek feedback from Residents and staff making any changes or improvement that may enhance the dining experience of our Residents.

Food and drink are an important part in all our lives, and a particularly enjoyable experience at Grace Healthcare Homes.

Our kitchen staff are trained to cater for specific dietary requirements, concerns or problems and our home is supported by dieticians.

A Typical Menu

Choice of cereals or porridge, varieties of bread with selection of juices, tea and coffee. Sausages, fried/poached/scrambled eggs available to order.

Morning tea
Tea/ coffee, selection of juices with fresh cut fruit and choice of biscuits. Soup: country vegetable also available.

Roast beef or chicken ala king served with creamy mash potatoes, roast potatoes, diced carrots, and cauliflower.
Apple crumble with custard, fruit salad, ice cream along with tea and coffee.

Evening tea
Chicken Goujons with hash brown or choice of fresh sandwiches (ham, tuna, cheese). Also fried, poached, scrambled eggs available to order.
Double choc chip cake with tea and coffee.

7:00pm tea
Tea and coffee with a selection of biscuits or a sandwich platter or red cheddar cheese with crackers.