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Situated in St Margaret's, North Dublin, Oakwood Lodge is a charming and comfortable residency that promotes restorative practices and a sense of belonging.

With 45 accommodations, spacious grounds in natural surroundings and a prime location in the North Dublin catchment, Oakwood gives residents a caring home full of warmth, and respect.


A range of single and sharing accommodations are available, with residents' comfort and privacy our top priority. Our residents are strongly encouraged to make themselves at home, decorating their room with personal items, from photos and books to favourite throws, all of which help foster a sense of belonging.

Each room has its own ensuite facilities, either a toilet or full shower bathrooms. Every room is equipped with a call bellto help those with mobility issues access assistance when they need it.

Divya Steephen

Director of Nursing  - Oakwood Lodge

Divya has 20 years' experience working in Healthcare. Divya was the Assistant Director of Nursing in one of Grace Healthcare’s other Home’s, Tara Winthrop Private Clinic.

Divya has had a distinguished career in Tara Winthrop since 2006, where she started as a staff nurse, progressing to Clinical Nurse Manager and then onto Assistant Director of Nursing. Divya has a Diploma in Gerontology,  QQI level 6 Managing People and has recently completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Infection Prevention and Control.

Divya is known for her positive upbeat personality. She has exceptional leadership skills and prides herself in building relationships with residents, families, and staff.

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Oakwood Nursing Home

Commitment to care

Our team are passionate about their mission: to provide residents with high quality, innovative aged care that puts people at the centre of what we do.

We take the time to build strong, trusted relationships with our residents, to better understand what they need and how they wish to live.

Residents come to us with a range of very different needs and their health and wellbeing are our top priority.

We adhere to evidence-based practices and the highest standards to ensure our residents have their physical and emotional needs met, from hygiene and nutrition to mobility and social recreation.



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Living life at Oakwood Lodge

Step inside Oakwood any day of the week and you’ll always find a range of absorbing activities on offer. Our Activities Coordinators take the time to learn what residents are interested in, to plan a program that helps people make the most of each day. We also encourage plenty of impromptu activities throughout the week.

It’s an important part of our philosophy. We know how vital it is to take an active interest in life, not just for a resident’s physical vigor but for their mental health, too. And seeing our residents enjoying themselves and bonding over shared passions, makes us happy too.

For residents with dementia, our special Advisory Support is there to adapt activities and train staff on appropriate methods of inclusion.

Having a say in care

Giving our residents, family members and friends a say in their care is important at Oakwood Lodge. We use a holistic approach, learning a resident’s likes and dislikes, and building a history of their previous medical treatment to create a whole picture, so we can provide the most effective and restorative care plan for every individual in our home. It’s all part of our resident-centred approach.

Care plans are reviewed regularly and adapted, should the resident’s situation or condition change. We take the time to make sure residents and their loved ones are comfortable with decisions. Our expert care team are trained to help reduce the anxiety and distress that may accompany such changes, especially those with cognitive issues such as dementia.

A Typical Day at Oakwood

At Oakwood Lodge, our day begins with a warm greeting from one of the lovely staff members who call to our rooms to wish us a good morning and have a little chat. With our choice to get up and choose our outfit for the day, we get washed and dressed and escorted to the dining  room, where we have a variety of breakfast options to choose from, and  a staff member on hand to take our order. Quiet music plays gently in the background. When breakfast is over, we have a choice of sitting rooms to go to, where we can relax, listen to music, read the newspaper, or watch a bit of TV.

At 11 o’clock we are served a nice of cup of tea and some biscuits.

We then have ‘activities’ in the activity room run by our lovely Activities Coordinator. My favourite morning activity is the Rosary, as this is something I would have done daily at home. We also listen to hymns and sing along to them. Once the activity is over, it’s time for lunch.

We have a great range of options to choose from with a starter, main course, and dessert, followed of course by a nice cup of tea.

Everybody needs to let their food digest, so we have ‘chill time’ after lunch or I sometimes go for a walk, depending on my mood. We also have the option of having a wee nap if we choose to.

Activities start again in the afternoon, which change from day to day, such as bingo, exercise, arts & crafts, or fun sing-alongs.  As I was a dress maker all my life, and I love to knit, I am encouraged to keep this up, and a staff member will always bring me my knitting bag. This is my favourite hobby. The hours just seem to disappear when I’m knitting.

Teatime then, again we have a great variety of choice on offer. While meals are being served by the staff, we have nice relaxing music playing in the background, although from time to time, a singsong has been known to break out!!

We then relax in sitting room and listen to the 6 o’clock news, where we can keep up to date on what’s going on in the world. This can lead to great discussions between ourselves and the staff. I also love to watch ‘Reeling in the Years’ as it brings me on a trip down memory lane.

Tea and biscuits, or sandwiches are offered again, although I normally just go for the tea, then it’s off to bed for me. I like to get a good rest. The night staff always pop their heads in at the start of their shift to say hello and wish us a good night’s sleep.

- Current resident at Oakwood

Spiritual matters

The spiritual needs of our residents are just as important to us as their physical and social comfort. We have relationships with a number of ministers, who regularly attend on residents, as well as conducting Mass and Eucharist within the home.

Where we are

Oakwood Lodge is located near to the famous St Margaret’s Championship golf course, a regular haunt for professional golfers and enthusiasts. The Home itself is surrounded by natural charm and well positioned in the North Dublin catchment for easy access.