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Experience the difference high quality, compassionate care makes, at Tara Winthrop. Our state-of-the-art facility is designed to give residents the very best quality care in a welcoming and respectful environment.

As a long-term care provider, our highly experienced team offers a unique model of medical care that specialises in complex medical conditions. Our high staff-to-resident ratio means we can offer a range of medical procedures and therapies in-house, that are not possible in other settings.

You can check Tara Winthrop website for more information: www.tara-winthrop.com

Our facilities

Tara Winthrop includes 148 beds over five distinct suites, each catering to a range of residential needs.

Lambay Suite is for those under age 75 with chronic neurological conditions.

• Columba Suite and Iona Suite are dedicated to the nursing and palliative care needs of residents with chronic long-term conditions.

• Erris Suite is for frail elderly residents over 65 years, with chronic long-term illnesses from low to high dependency care needs.

• Shenick Suite caters for residents over 65 years with specific care requirements around chronic mental health and severe cognitive impairment.

Our clinic ensures residents have access to everything they need to live comfortable, active lives. Residents can take advantage of:

• Hairdressing salon
• Massage therapy
• Hydrotherapy pool
• Physiotherapy rooms
• Shop
• Personal laundry service
• Newspapers delivered daily to rooms on request
• Ambulance/ mini bus service to take residents to outside activities or medical appointments
• Visiting clergy
• Mass celebrated live and streamed to all rooms weekly

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Tara Winthrop Private Clinic

A caring environment

Our large, multidisciplinary team works closely with our onsite Medical Director and Director of Nursing, as well as the wider medical community to ensure that each resident is receiving the right treatment for their needs. Residents also benefit from the services of physiotherapists, occupational therapy, a dietician, speech pathologist and chiropody.  Regular visits from an optician and assistance with dental appointments ensures a holistic approach to residential care.

Nutrition is vital to residents’ wellbeing – but complex conditions can sometimes make eating a challenge. Our team of chefs cater to the specific dietary requirements of every resident, with appetising and nourishing meals prepared fresh with quality ingredients from local suppliers.

To assist a number of our residents with dementia or cognitive impairment, we also offer a Snoezelen Room. This state-of-the-art therapeutic environment is designed to deliver high levels of stimuli to stimulate their senses and has been shown to be beneficial to improving communication, behaviour and mood, while reducing fear.

An active life

Residents at Tara Winthrop are encouraged to live life with meaning and to take advantage of the wide range activities on offer.

Everyday tasks, such as cooking and gardening help residents relax into comfortable daily rhythms.

We also offer a diverse selection of organised events, such as dancing, musical afternoons, drama and arts and crafts.

Pet therapy is also proving a hugely popular diversion.

Care focusing on our resident

At Tara Winthrop, we believe in a holistic approach to elder care that centres on our resident and their individual needs. We apply a multi-disciplinary approach to every care plan, working closely with our internal team of nurses, doctors, assistants and complementary therapists as well as GPs and hospital consultants.

Residents are encouraged to contribute to the care plan if they choose and are always advised of a regular review. We welcome input from a resident’s family and close advocates, to ensure our treatment plan respects our resident’s wishes.

An inclusive environment

Our residents’ spiritual needs matter to us and for many, the regular rhythms of daily life are also a great comfort. We ensure regular visits from local members of the clergy and we celebrate weekly Mass services onsite, which are delivered to rooms for residents who cannot attend.

Where we are

We are located in Nevinstown, in the parish of Swords in County Dublin.