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At Bishopscourt, we firmly believe in the power of community. Ours is built upon respect, compassion and care. Created in 1998 by two sisters in law, Catherine O’Connor and Patsy O’Sullivan, Bishopscourt combines the traditional rural values of a tight-knit community, with a commitment to innovation that gives residents access to the latest advances in healthcare and wellbeing.

Our team are hand-selected not just for their experience and training, but for their ability to put the best interests of residents first. More than a bright, welcoming and well-kept establishment – here, residents experience the positive difference that a caring and considerate environment can make.

We offer a range of care options, including long- and short-term care, convalescent and respite care. We welcome residents with a range of conditions and develop individual care plans that are tailored to their needs. Our aim is to make sure our residents can enjoy life to the full, and their families and friends can feel confident their loved ones have the right support.

Generous and welcoming

Surrounded by beautiful gardens, Bishopscourt offers 36 private rooms and 12 semi-private twin rooms to accommodate 60 residents. With large and open communal areas, plenty of activities and lots of spaces for quiet reading or relaxing, Bishopscourt provides plenty of opportunities to participate, while giving residents space to do their own thing.

Our large gardens are our pride and joy. We’ve designed this outdoor environment specifically to suit our residents, so there are no tricky paving areas or steps and plenty of strategically placed seats to enjoy the views. Our gorgeousFloral Walk, a covered indoor walkway lined with plants and shrubs, makes an enticing stroll – and helps encourage residents to stay active, even when the weather’s bad.

Forward-thinking therapies

Our team is committed to understanding the different ways we can help care for our residents with different needs, using the latest advances in research.
Our Memory Care program provides residents who need this type of support with a personalised program that works to maintain memory functions.
The Snoezelen Room is a specially designed space to help provide multisensory experiences that can help residents with Alzheimer’s or dementia experience joy, engagement or a sense of calm. We also have a qualified team member who conducts Sonas Therapy for residents.

Features include

• 36 private rooms and 12 semi-private rooms
• Ensuite bathrooms in every room
• High quality, locally-sourced menu with choice at every meal
• Assistance with meals if required
• Daily newspapers (except Sunday)
• Access to Skype and wifi
• Tea and coffee making
• Shop
• Easy access on request to hairdresser and beautician
• Optician, dentist on request
• Physiotherapy by appointment

Anitha Achuthan

Director of Nursing - Nephin

Anitha has over 10 years’ experience in the care of the elderly, including a previous position as Director of Nursing at Churchview for a number of years. Her experience is complemented by her BSc in Nursing and BSc Certificate in Nursing and Supervisory Management.

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Bishopscourt Nursing Home

Care to the highest standards

We take our commitment to our residents seriously. Our residents are looked after by an experienced health and wellbeing team, including nursing care 24 hours a day and access to top doctors, with regular assessments to ensure their changing needs are being met.

We ensure regular training and assessments around hygiene, mobility, nutrition and recreation, as well as safety and infection protocol, including changing COVID measures. We systematically review our procedures, and adhere to all relevant legislation, including the National Standards for Residential Care Settings forOlder People in Ireland.

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Staying active 

We’re strong believers in encouraging all our residents to be active physically and mentally, whatever their level of abilities. Our staff encourage a wide range of interests and hobbies, from art sand crafts to music and exercise.

Our Activity Coordinator is always on the lookout for new and diverting activities and entertainment. With plenty of options every week, there’s something for everyone, which helps create a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. Socialising is an important way for residents to stay connected – and we strongly encourage residents to enjoy creating their own social activities, from meeting with family at the pub to arranging trips to the theatre or even holidays, as muchas possible.

Putting our residents first

Our resident-centered philosophy underpins everything we do. Within the first 48 hours, our team willc reate an individualised care plan that is respectful of our resident’s personal likes and dislikes, as well as their medical and health needs. And because we know things change, we reassess these plans regularly.

Our policy is always to welcome feedback and input from a resident, as well as their family and friends. We believe strongly that an open, honest relationship will help us make sure residents in our care get the best possible support, at a time of life when they need it most.

A Typical Day in Nephin Nursing Home

I get up around 9 am and prefer to do my own routine in the morning. Our staff know me well and they check in on me in between. When I am ready, they accompany me to the dining room for my breakfast where I meet my friends. There is always nice music on in the background and newspapers are available for those of us who like to read.

After my breakfast I go to my room and spend some time doing my prayers. I relax for a while before heading down to meet my friends in the activities room. The room is really big and airy and has plenty of space. I enjoy catching up with my friends there and having a chat.

My favourite activity is bingo. It’s always a bit of craic and there are some great prizes that I love to win. I keep them for my grandchildren and surprise them when they come to visit.

Some days we sit in the activities room and talk about planning outings and what we would like to do. Last year we went to the Botanic gardens and Dublin Zoo, which was great fun. I also love the Summer Parties, which my grandchildren come to, and there’s lovely BBQ food and music, and there’s also raffle prizes on the day. It’s a great way for us all to come together.

After the activities, we go to the dining room and enjoy the lunch. I have the choice of having lunch served in my room, but I prefer to go to the dining area; you usually hear the latest gossip around the table!!

I receive a calendar of events and I can plan my own activities. There are days where I like to just stay in my room and take it easy, other days then, I’m out and about. It depends on my mood really.

I like that there’s a TV in my room, for the days that I choose not to go out, and the staff pop in regularly to check how I am and have a little chat.

- Current resident at Nephin Nursing Home

Taking the first step

We understand taking the decision to move to a nursing home isn’t easy. It’s important to find a place you are comfortable with and you trust to care the way you do.

The first place to start is to make a call, and come for a visit with us. We welcome you and your loved one to come and see how we work and live so you can decide whether we’re right for your needs.

How to find us

Bishopscourt Nursing Home is located in Liskillea, Waterfall, Country Cork.