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Welcome to a unique and friendly care environment. Our dedicated and innovative approach, using the Household Model of Care, is designed to help our residents make the most of their day.

Our Home accommodates up to 125 residents across a range of conditions. Our vision is simple – to make living with us as close to ‘home’ as possible. It’s a fresh way of thinking, one that gives residents the freedom to live life on their terms, and helps them maintain their dignity and privacy while they receive the right care based on their individual needs.

You can check Castleross website for more information: www.castleross.ie

Creating a village feel

When you think of Castleross, it’s more of a community than a nursing facility. Just as our residents are individuals, our home accommodations are too. Each home has its own patterns and rhythms, created by the dedicated staff and the people who live there.

We have four main houses, including one catering for Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients.

Each house has its own front door, and every accommodation includes comfortably sized bedrooms, most with ensuites, cosy dining and lounge areas, televisions, under floor heating with individual controls, direct dialing in most rooms, as well as internal and external landscaped courtyards. For our less mobile residents, there are wheelchair accessible walkways.

Marie Clarke

Director of Nursing  - Castleross

Marie has worked in Castleross for over ten years as a staff nurse, clinical coordinator and care manger.
As Director of Nursing, she has a wealth of experience in older person care, organisation and management.

Marie brings a person-cantered approach to all aspects of her role through collaboration, communication and teamwork; ensuring relationships with residents and their families are based on respect, equality and promote independence. As a leader, empathy and compassion are at the core of her practice.

Previous to her work in Castleross, Marie worked in Australia, St James’s Hospital, Dublin and Peamount Hospital, Dublin.

Marie holds a BSc in General Nursing from Trinity College Dublin with further Level 6 certification in Supervisory Management.

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Castleross Nursing Home

Residents enjoy access to:

• Hair salon
• Coffee shop
• Family group text communication system
• Library
• Wifi
• 80-seat oratory
• Newspapers
• Overnight facilities for families
• Household pets
• Community centre
• Village transport to the local area



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Making the most of every day

Maintaining a sense of independence is important to our residents, which is why our Household Model of Care has such a positive impact on their health and wellbeing. We encourage and support a wide range of activities that cater to the individual interests of residents, from playing cards and arts and crafts, to exercise programs. Each household has its own garden, cared for beautifully by residents who live there. And residents are welcome to have their own pet companions.

Through day to day living, our residents form great friendships with each other and with the staff, creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere.

The household model

This pioneering approach removes that ‘hospital’ feel that characterises so many nursing facilities. It gives residents a more homelike environment, while still providing exceptional care.

Cosy dwellings, a front door, a kitchen managed by a homemaker and a ‘Household Coordinator’, private garden spaces – all contribute to a sense of comforting domesticity. Staff wear their own clothes and residents are free to decorate their space with their own belongings. Importantly, every resident has the freedom to choose how to spend their days, in every aspect.

A Typical Day in Castleross

I am an early riser in the mornings, always have been, always will be!! I manage some of my own personal care in the mornings, which I prefer to do, but it is great to get the help from the carers if I need it. I like to go to the kitchen for my breakfast. The smell of baked scones is always very inviting, and there is always someone to chat to. It gives me a great sense of warmth and comfort to spend time there.

After a tasty breakfast, I love to read the daily paper. I like to join the reading group also because when we come together to read, we end up chatting, reminiscing and reflecting on our own lifestyles. The kettle is always on the boil, and because I am up so early in the mornings, I’m often on my third cup of tea by 11 o’clock. I also like to help with some of the jobs around the house like tidying up after breakfast, or helping the carers fold away the laundry.

The kitchen is always a hive of activity by dinnertime. There are more people up and about. I like to sit at a smaller table, where there are just four of us. The food is delicious and there is always plenty of choice.

The afternoons are busy with plenty of activity. I enjoy the baking as I would have baked lots for my own family. Other activities include painting or flower arranging, games and quizzes. On warm afternoons, I like to sit out in the courtyard garden, enjoying the peace and quiet, and sounds of nature. Sometimes I might take a rest in my room and do a puzzle; I particularly love Wordsearches. Every day is different and I can choose how to spend it, and that’s what I love.

As evening draws, I enjoy another cup of tea. Our reflexologist comes to visit and I like to have my feet massaged. The fragrance of lavender reminds me of my garden at home.

I retire to bed early as I always would have done at home. The carers will help me to bed, as we reflect on the day gone by. At my age it is always very reassuring to know that there is someone there to help me whenever I need it, be it day or night. I feel very safe and at home here in Castleross.

- Current resident at Castleross

Spiritual care

Many residents take comfort in the spiritual side of life. We are an inclusive facility, and welcome clergy of many faiths to minister to the needs of our residents. Talk with us to discuss how we can help your family member maintain connections with their church or beliefs in a way that works best for them.

Where to find us

Castleross is situated on the outskirts of Carrickmacross, a thriving market town in south Monaghan.
We are on the doorstep of Dublin, Louth, Meath and Cavan and just an hour’s drive from Belfast.