Daily Life

Typical Day

A typical day in a Grace Healthcare Home

"I am an early riser in the mornings, always have been, always will be!! I manage some of my own personal care in the mornings, which I prefer to do, but it is great to get the help from the carers if I need it. I like to go to the kitchen for my breakfast. The smell of baked scones is always very inviting, and there is always someone to chat to. It gives me a great sense of warmth and comfort to spend time there.

After a tasty breakfast, I love to read the daily paper. I like to join the reading group also because when we come together to read, we end up chatting, reminiscing and reflecting on our own lifestyles.

The kettle is always on the boil, and because I am up so early in the mornings, I’m often on my third cup of tea by 11 o’clock. I also like to help with some of the jobs around the house like tidying up after breakfast, or helping the carers fold away the laundry.

The kitchen is always a hive of activity by dinnertime. There are more people up and about. I like to sit at a smaller table, where there are just four of us. The food is delicious and there is always plenty of choice.

The afternoons are busy with plenty of activity. I enjoy the baking as I would have baked lots for my own family. Other activities include painting or flower arranging, games and quizzes. On warm afternoons, I like to sit out in the courtyard garden, enjoying the peace and quiet, and sounds of nature. Sometimes I might take a rest in my room and do a puzzle; I particularly love Wordsearches.

Every day is different and I can choose how to spend it, and that’s what I love.

As evening draws, I enjoy another cup of tea. Our reflexologist comes to visit and I like to have my feet massaged. The fragrance of lavender reminds me of my garden at home.

I retire to bed early as I always would have done at home. The carers will help me to bed, as we reflect on the day gone by. At my age it is always very reassuring to know that there is someone there to help me whenever I need it, be it day or night. I feel very safe and at home here in Castleross."

- Current Grace Healthcare Resident