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Terenure Nursing Home

Terenure Nursing Home is a friendly, relaxed home in a thriving residential area, just south of Harold’s Cross and close to Dublin City. With just 41 accommodations, it’s a warm and welcoming environment that makes residents feel right at home.

At Terenure, we bring a village feel right into our home.

Residents are free to live life as they wish, with plenty of opportunities to make friends, share interests and enjoy whatever the day brings, together.

A place where people matter most

Terenure offers a range of single and sharing accommodations and every resident is afforded respect and privacy.  

Rooms are decorated according to a resident’s tastes, ensuring people feel comfortable and secure.

Extra safety and security is assured by the provision of a call bell system in each room.

Alden Soberano

Director of Nursing  - Terenure

Before his role as Director of Nursing in Terenure Nursing Home, Alden worked in the Acute Settings for the last 20 years and has over 2 years’ experience in the Nursing Home setting.

Alden started his career as a staff nurse before progressing to CNM1 and CNM2 in acute settings then ontoAssistant Director of Nursing. After over a year in the role he then progressed onto Director Nursing in Carlow.

Alden has a Higher Diploma in Healthcare Management and CPD in Diabetes. 

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Terenure Nursing Home

Living life, every day

Our team are highly trained professionals, as well as caring, compassionate human beings.

We understand the tremendous responsibility our residents and their family place in us, which is why every resident receives the highest standard of personal care and attention, 24 hours a day.

Personal health, hygiene and assistance with everyday matters are all part of how we make sure our residents are comfortable, secure and well-looked after.

Our team are passionate about nutrition and health, and we focus on activities that help to nourish body and soul.

We offer a variety of stimulating activities that are critical to the restorative environment of our home.

They give residents meaning and purpose in their days and encourage social engagement, sparking wonderful friendships between residents and staff.



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Sharing the care with us

Making the decision that it is time to transition your family member into a nursing home is an incredibly difficult one. We understand the stages of grief and distress that can accompany this period and our skilled, compassionate team will do everything we can to ease the move for you and our new resident.

Our ethos is rooted in caring for individuals, so we recommend sharing the rich detail of your relative’s history and daily lives – their likes and dislikes – their hopes and anxieties. Small things can make a big difference when it comes to helping a resident relax and start to feel at home.

For residents with dementia, rest assured our professional staff is highly experienced in ensuring the safety and comfort of every resident, with tailored activities to suit their needs, and above all, a gentle, understanding approach.

Creating care plans

Every resident is unique – which means our care plans are designed to be individually tailored to their needs.

Our team works together across a range of disciplines, and consults closely with residents and family members or concerned friends to make sure their plan is right for them.

We’ll review care plans as needed, and our residents are invited to have an active role in the development of their plan, so they feel comfortable about the agreed approach.

A Typical Day in Terenure Nursing Home

I wake up each morning in my warm comfie bed and the first thing I’m greeted with are the smiles from the lovely staff. I love my morning chats with them. They all know me well here and are very fond of me.

After a morning wash and a hot shower, I enjoy doing my make-up. The staff help me pick out what to wear and help me put on my jewellery and do my hair.

After my breakfast: hot buttery toast, fruit and porridge with a bit of salt and a hot cup of tea is served on a tray in my room. I love having time to enjoy my meals and listen to the morning news or read the paper.

Sometimes I get a visit from my doctor if I am unwell and we always have a nice catch up.

After I make my way to the sitting room and sit with my friends, we take part in many activities and if the sun is shining we enjoy going for a walk in the garden and work on the flowers that bloomed this Spring. We also enjoy lovely hot cups of tea throughout the day.

After our morning activities, we go to the dining room for our lunch; I enjoy sitting and chatting with all my friends, it feels like we are out in a fancy restaurant. We always have something to laugh about.

After lunch I head to the sitting room to watch some TV, and depending on the day, I often get to see a family friend in the visitor’s room- it’s so peaceful and quiet in there.

I enjoy going for a little afternoon snooze, and when I wake up, I will listen to RTE Gold, that’s my favourite radio station, then head down to have some fun in the sitting room.

The staff will always check up on me and make sure I’m OK. We enjoy many a lovely long chat about life and dreams.

After filling up on more tea and snacks, before long it’s tea time, where I meet my friends back at our table and we have a good chinwag about our day.

Following our tea, most of us enjoy heading down to the sitting room and watching the news, after we chat about what the world is like now compared to our childhood.

I head up to my room soon after and slowly get ready for bed while listening to music, reading a book or video chatting my grandchildren.

The staff serve me a light snack and a cup of tea before bed – I like to call it room service!!

After the exchange of ‘Good nights and God Bless’ to the day staff I like to say ‘Hello’ to the night staff.

As the saying goes ‘It’s been a tough day at the office, time to say goodnight’

- Current resident at Terenure

Spiritual care

The spiritual life of our residents is important to us. That’s why we have regular visits from various ministers for group chats or one-on-one guidance and support. We have weekly Mass and Eucharist services, so residents are able to participate in the rituals of their faith.

Where to find us

We’re located in the suburb of Terenure, just south of Harold’s Cross and within Dublin City limits. As a former terminus for city trams, Terenure Cross received a mention in James Joyce’s acclaimed epic, Ulysses. Today’s tram system bypasses the old suburb; however, the numbers 15, 15a and 16 buses, which now travel along the old tram routes, offer a regular service.