Dympna celebrates her 100th birthday in Castleross

February 28, 2022


We had a wonderful celebration for Dympna in Creevy House over the weekend. Our kitchen put up a lovely spread, and of course there was a fabulously tasty cake. Dympna received her letter from President Michael D Higgins earlier in the week, which she was delighted to get and read.

Dympna is an amazing lady for her 100 years. She loves to celebrate her birthday. She enjoys country music and reading. She even recited poetry and sang on her special day. Dympna really warms the hearts of all who know her, and when you spend time in her company she has a wonderful sense of humour and can really lift one’s spirits!! When asked what she would do with her cheque from the president, she said she didn’t know what a woman of her age would do with that!!

Dympna was born on 28th of February 1922, not too far from Castleross, in the parish of Broomfield. She married John in 1950 and has no children, although she has lots of nieces, nephews and friends. She has always loved animals, and as a very special treat for Dympna, we purchased two little budgies for Creevy House. Dympna has christened these birds Peter and Paul, after one of her favourite little ditties!! These budgies will bring a special dynamic to the house, with their chirping and little antics. Dympna will be able to keep a watchful eye on them every day.

Wishing you a very happy birthday Dympna from all living and working in Castleross.

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