Covering the cost of Nursing Home Care

May 6, 2021


Jane said, “The Nursing Home Support Scheme was introduced by the Government in 2009 to replace the Nursing Home subvention scheme and was called the ‘Fair Deal Scheme’. The key principle of the Fair Deal scheme is that people who need nursing home care have choice, no one is prevented from choosing the nursing home they prefer because of their income”.

Jane Foy, General Manager ofCastleross Nursing Home,Carrickmacross.

Ms. Foy outlined the basic Steps to Applying for the Nursing Homes Support Scheme - Fair Deal Scheme.

Step 1: Needs Assessment

  • The ‘Care Needs Assessment’ identifies whether or not you or a loved one needs long term nursing home care. Its purpose is to ensure that long-term nursing home care is necessary and the right choice for you or whether you can be supported to continue living at home.
  • It is carried out by a healthcare professional, for example, a nurse appointed by the HSE.

Step 2: Financial Assessment

  • The Financial Assessment must be completed by all applying for the Fair Deal Scheme. This looks at your income and assets in order to work out what your contribution to the Nursing Home care will be. The HSE will then pay the balance of your cost of care.
  • Income includes any earnings, pension income, social welfare benefits/allowances, rental income, or any other income. An asset is any material property or wealth, including property or wealth outside of the State.

Step 3: Optional Nursing Home Loan

  • There is provision within the Fair Deal process to make an Application for the Nursing Home Loan – and this is entirely optional.
  • If approved, the HSE will pay the money to the nursing home on your behalf and it will be collected after your death.
  • You may choose to apply for this element of the scheme at the date of your initial application, or at any stage while being a resident in the nursing home.
  • Depending on your circumstances, we suggest that you take independent legal/financial advice if applying for the Nursing Home Loan.

Jane concluded by saying, “We have an expert team in Castleross Nursing Home, Carrickmacross and if you are considering applying, we are happy to offer assistance or advice on the completion of the application for the Nursing Home Support Scheme – Fair Deal. Just call us on 042 9692630 or email

Castleross offers a wide range of Care Options

Castleross Nursing Home is equipped to care for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, intellectual and physical disabilities, acquired brain injuries and younger people who need chronic care. They also offer respite and convalescent care. With a large, dedicated team across a range of disciplines, residents have the reassurance of knowing they are being looked after by highly trained professionals 24 hours a day.

Joan Mee works as a ‘hands on’Activities Support Worker inCastleross, and together with a superteam of carers in each of the fourhouses, provide a 'Resident's ActivitiesProgramme' that is suitable for allinterests, levels and abilities.

The Household Model of Care in Castleross

The team at Castleross Nursing Home created a dedicated and innovative centre of care that is driven by the individual needs of the people who live there. Through their 'Household Model of Care' they have a unique environment that gives residents a more homelike environment, while still providing exceptional care.

The unique Castleross Nursing Home offers cosy dwellings, a kitchen managed by a homemaker and a ‘Household & Clinical Coordinator’ and lots of private garden spaces – all which contribute to a sense of a home from home.

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