A bunch of love

November 3, 2020


The New Year 2020 started off like every other year in Terenure Nursing Home; full of different daily activities, family visits and busy days and nights for the care team. When Covid came to visit everything changed. Like every other nursing home, with a heavy heart Terenure Nursing Home closed their doors to visitors.


Residents were faced with a very different way of living. Equally the care team were faced with a challenge they had never experienced before and one that if they didn’t get it right; had devastating consequences. Each day brought news of rising daily cases and fear of both the known and the unknown – was everywhere.

A short time after visitor restrictions began, a Garda van pulled up to the front of Terenure Nursing Home. Guards from the local Terenure Garda Station got out and began unloading many buckets full of flowers in front of the Nursing Home. Residents started to gather at their windows, intrigued by the very unusual activity outside.


Donated by the community, there was a bunch of flowers for every single resident and care team member in Terenure Nursing Home. This kind and thoughtful gesture meant so much.

Although separated from family that day and for many days to come, the flowers (after isolation of course) gave residents and care team members huge reassurance that the community would be right beside them; helping them through whatever lay ahead. This strength and reassurance lasted many months after the exciting delivery itself.


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